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How Divorce Affects Our Life And Health

Throughout our lifetime, there are going to be times when we feel overwhelmed by what the world puts us through. We form relationships with others and rarely do we prepare for its demise. Divorce is one of those life events we cannot plan for, but when it does happen, it can turn our world upside down. The interlinked bond between us and our marriage partner can make it hard to imagine a life without them. So when we realize it’s over, it can threaten our feelings of security and safety. The disruption of one of our closest relationships can destroy how we feel about ourselves and our future. But thankfully, there are loved ones and legal professionals that you can lean on when times get difficult.

Emotional Challenges of Divorce

If you have been divorced, or are on the verge of parting ways from your spouse, then you probably already have a feeling how challenging it can be. Divorce studies have been performed all across the nation. Researchers have found that except for those who were in the most displeasing marriages, people who are divorced or separated have higher rates of mental health struggles and physical concerns compared to married people generally. By contrast though, researchers have also found that the people in the most unhappy marriages often have a sense of relief and are hopeful for their future to come once divorce is finalized. But even if the divorce was the right choice, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t stress, time, and money involved in parting ways. Ending a marriage could be the best choice for both parties, but they each may still experience on an individual level the financial hardship and heartache associated with divorce.

The Lasting Mental and Physical Effects of Divorce

Despite divorce being a single life event, it can have lasting mental effects on the people who went through it. It’s a process that can leak into other aspects of someone’s life and health. As a personal injury lawyer from Cohen & Cohen would share, some people become so distressed dealing with their inner thoughts and heartache that they become vulnerable to sustaining physical injury. And if an injury accident happens that was someone else’s fault, it can add only more stress to an already strenuous period. The impacts of divorce go farther beyond the coming moments, as even when divorce has finalized, the person may be left with emotional burdens to work through.

Seeking Support from Professionals and Loved Ones

Many divorce proceedings go through an arduous and drawn out court process that causes people to develop bitter feelings, resentment, and a negative mindset. But with enough support from the people in your life, and a dedicated lawyer, it can become more manageable. Your lawyer can help you with things like asset protection and division, child custody, alimony, divorce, mediation, and other topics related to family law. If you have questions or need help, visiting with a lawyer is the best way to understand your predicament and how a smoother path can be paved for you so that you are less stressed and more able to move forward in a healthy way.

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