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At K. Kelso Law, we work consistently to provide you with the best legal care, while being affordable and attainable. We are confident in our expertise, but we love to receive any and all feedback. We appreciate reviews from our clients and we hope you take a moment to look through the kind words others have said about K. Kelso Law.

Testimonial from Mikayla S

Kate was very helpful and helped explain everything to us.  She was very patient with us. And very organized.  I would highly recommend her to friends and family.

Diana H.


I am 72 years old and am a retired Aerospace Engineer. I was a Project Manager for the B-2 Stealth Bomber at Northrop Grumman Corp. After retirement from Northrop I started my own Aerospace Company and was CEO for several years.


I tell you this because during my 72 years I had the occasion to interface with many attorneys for estate planning, wills, corporate law both for and against my companys as well as adoption attorneys for the legal adoption of my two grandchildren.


During these experiences, I retained many attorneys and found three things I respected and needed. First was obvious knowledge of the law. Second was the knowledge and implementation of the legal process. Third was the personal connection and relationship between attorney and client. 


It was difficult to ascertain which attorney had these qualifications when a client like myself searched for an attorney to do a specific job. In actuality, I found none that had all three qualities to the degree I wanted.


I needed legal assistance for a very complex estate planning and will related to a very large distribution I am receiving from my Aerospace firm. It also involves my two adopted grandchildren and who will take care of them when I pass as well as how they will figure into the estate.


Kate was recommended to me by a friend who is a very successful financial planner. He has tremendous respect for her along with many accolades. 


We arranged the meeting and here is what I found. She was so very personable I wanted her as my attorney in 5 minutes. I spent an hour going through all my issues with this complex estate both for the financial part as well as the children part. She was sincerely interested in my feelings and quickly understood what I was trying to accomplish.


She explained many of the legal ramifications of what I was trying to do and she gave me options with pros and cons for all of them. She was very knowledgeable of the laws and knew how to use the legal process to accomplish what I needed. 


She contacted me soon after and had some questions and ideas for me. This was not a simple situation because my Aerospace company had classified projects which caused problems for me to convey to her exactly how I dissolved my company.


She got through all the problems and made a workable plan that I liked. I tell you all this because she is the first attorney I had in my 72 years that had all 3 qualifications I stated above. 


She is not only well versed in the legal venue but is truly a nice, compassionate person who is sincere. I trust her explicitly with millions of dollars and my 2 children and I can't give a better recommendation than that. She is someone I would be proud to have as my daughter.


I hope this helps a little. Stay safe and God bless.


Most respectfully,

Bruce E. Fox

Kate has been such a trusted resource to my family. She helped us navigate very challenging times with compassion and good counsel. She put us at ease and gave us a flat fee which was one less thing to worry about. I'm grateful to have Kate in my corner and highly recommend her to anyone.

S. M.


Kate Kelso is professional and thorough. She took the time to walk us through everything and was very responsive. Her knowledge and expertise made the process easy and we couldn't be happier! Highly recommend her for any estate planning needs

Janelle I.

Kate Kelso helped me with my parents' estate with empathy and attentiveness,  as our situation was urgent, she executed our case with care and for that I'm truly grateful to have her business. Thank you Kate!

Heidi M.


I was referred to Kate by a friend who had worked with her on an estate plan. My older brother recently inherited funds  and needed a plan. He's not the easiest to work with as he tends to procrastinate and not want to deal with things. Kate was amazing. She was sensitive to his needs, both financially and personally, and created a well-structured and complete estate plan (including will, trust, DPOA, health care directive, etc. etc.) that he won't have to update for a long time. She kept things moving along even when he failed to return anything! She's a pleasure to work with, gives you a fair price upfront, and does exceptionally good work. When my brother went to have the paperwork notarized, the notary commented that he rarely saw such clear and thorough work! Kudos to Kate.


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Kate is excellent at helping clients understand that not only do they need a will and trust, but also that many people fail to actually place their family assets into the name of their trust. This is a common mistake made by families, and often a follow-up that many attorneys fail to help clients implement. Kate is very thorough from the beginning of the planning process through completion. Excellent at what she does!  Keep up the great work!

Jason K.


I was a bit nervous about starting my estate plan, but Kate really put me at ease. She patiently explained the process, gave me options, and truly made me feel like I was in good hands. I've already recommended her to my family and friends because having an estate plan is so important!

Andrea D.

Testimonial 5.jpg

It took several weeks to find the right attorney to represent my interest in dealing with this divorce. When I found Kate and was greeted with a hug it meant more than just someone representing me in a court of law.

Kate Kelso is more than attorney who understands the law.  Kate takes on the role as your partner during these difficult times with a spiritual understanding to what I am going through.   Kate also has a keen eye for art and that goes quite well with me.

Looking forward to this being over so we can be friends....or maybe BFF's.

David R.

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Kate made the chore of drafting my estate plan so easy and enjoyable. She put my mind at ease right away and is truly an expert in her field! I researched many attorneys before going to Kate and she didn't disappoint. I had no stress and am so thankful for her!

Alexis L.

Kate is an extremely hard working and exceptionally passionate attorney that I would recommend to anyone! Her affordable rates are a huge bonus on top of her dedicated and diligent work.

Alexandra G.


I used K. Kelso Law for my mother's estate plan. She was very patient explaining our options and made us feel comfortable moving forward in the process. She really cares about her clients and I recommend her highly!

Brittany B.


Kate Kelso is an amazing estate planning attorney. She truly helped my case and made it as smooth as possible. She is knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and very personable. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you again Kate! :)

Rachel P.


I was referred to Kate by a friend to take care of getting my aging parents' Trust, Will, and Power of Attorney's updated.  Prior to finding Kate I found various attorneys that worked on an hourly basis that I really didn't feel comfortable with.  Once in contact with Kate I found her communication with me to be as if I was speaking to one of my friends or family, very professional and at the same time normal.


My parents are in their mid 70's and I love them dearly, however with no offense to them, sometimes a conversation with them can take 1-2 hours when the same conversation with someone else would take 30 minutes.  The point I am making here is that Kate was very patient with them, spent long periods of time speaking with them about their needs while still moving the needle to get the project completed.


In the end she was able to get everything in order (even during COVID), I was also so impressed on how well she worked with them I extended the agreement to include a professional business contract to structure a sale of my parents family business.


Both services ended well, I would definitely recommend using Kate for your attorney needs.

John S.


Kate made my experience in preparing my family's trust seamless and thorough. She was very patient and helped address all of mine and my husband's concerns. It's not often you find an attorney who cares.

Cynthia B.

5 star review

Kate led us through the process of creating our Revocable Trust with patience and care.  She was skilled at getting us to clarify our thoughts and expectations.  Complex issues were discussed and sorted out with her assistance.  It was painless.  Kate always had a smile and we felt that we not only found a new attorney but also a friend.

Dean S.

5 star review

Kate is top-notch. I've known her for years, and she has continually impressed me with her sharpness, and her true willingness to get in and help people. I would definitely recommend her. I think anyone who ends up working with Kate is in very safe hands.

Michele L.

5 star review
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Kate is excellent at helping clients understand that not only do they need a will and trust, but also that many people fail to actually place their family assets into the name of their trust. This is a common mistake made by families, and often a follow-up that many attorneys fail to help clients implement. Kate is very thorough from the beginning of the planning process through completion. Excellent at what she does!  Keep up the great work!

Jason K.

5 star review
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